Creator: Penelope Brown

Game Name: Ghost Attack

Game Description: Pusheen goes to school and when she gets out she goes exploring and finds a haunted house. In that haunted house ghosts start falling from the sky! You must help Pusheen move around without touching the ghosts.

Creator: Julia Ramsay

Game Name: Nyan Cat

Game Description: Try to catch and eat all the sweets! But watch out for the veggies Nyan cat HATES the. Use arrow keys to move. Updates coming soon!

Creator: Darian Kauk

Game Name: Cross the street

Game Description: Help Pusheen cross the street using the arrow keys. Avoid the ghosts and get to the flowers!

Creator: Parker Brown

Game Name: Pusheen

Game Description: Help pusheen move around and collect the flowers. Avoid the flying cats. Watch Out!!!!!

Creator: Calleigh Tatum

Game Name: The Wizards Journey

Game Description: An animation

Creator: Calleigh Tatum

Game Name: Shooting Game

Game Description: You are a hero that shoots dragons and dont touch the triangles or else you lose a life.

Creator: Darian Kauk

Game Name: Corgi Collision

Game Description: Help the corgi avoid the monsters by using the arrow keys, collect the flowers as you run down the road!